Fall and Winter Program begins September 6th

4:30 – 6.00 pm

ZGA advance goes until 7 pm every day

njtlpicACE – Academic Creative Engagement

The ACE philosophy is designed to support academic achievement, health/wellness and social/emotional skills by guiding children through educational processes that include decision-making, problem solving and working together toward common goals. When combined with a tennis program, it provides important Developmental Assets and reflects the ideals and principles of the Zina Garrison Academy by giving children access to a safe, healthy, educational environment. The lessons are engaging, support classroom instruction, and encourage students to communicate and participate in each activity.

girlsincGirl’s Confidence Class

Girls Confidence Class is inspiring our ZGA girls to know that confidence is a choice: less people pleasing and perfectionism and more action, risk taking, and fast failure. Seminar conducted by Linda Elliott, Executive V. P. of ZGA


Boy’s Leadership Program

ASK (Attitude, Skills, Knowledge) began in February of 2012 for our male students ages 12-17. This class meets every other Thursday with volunteer leadership. Our young men are learning communication skills, how to look for role models in their families and peer groups, how to problem solve in a respectful and appropriate manner, and how to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of every day life.

Academic Support Programs

One-on-one tutoring in all academic subjects.


Health and Fitness Program

Staff members lead our competitive students in open discussion and group activities once a week to explore how to best prepare for tennis matches, how to maintain a balanced diet and how to improve long-term health.



NJTL National Student Athlete Program

Our students participate in this 12-month point-based competition with youth throughout the United States. Academic scholarships go to those with the best grades and junior tennis tournament results. ZGA has finished with the top students for the past four years and our students have received over $34,000 in college scholarship funds.

Community Service Program

All year round students must participate in ZGA community service projects. We participate in Special Olympics and the Breast Cancer Walk. Our competitive students give back to our program by assisting the coaches with the beginner students during in our summer program four days a week from 8:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Reading is funReading is Really Fun

Reading time for 4-6 year old ZGA students on Friday afternoons

College Summer Job Program

College students are invited to apply for junior staff positions.  College students must be former ZGA students and have at least 2 years of tennis experience in our Competitive Program to be considered for employment. In 2011 we employed four former students as Junior Staff coaches.

School Year

September 12, 2016- May 23, 2017


June 12, 2017 -August 12, 2017

For more information contact:

Yolanda Sadberry or Zina Garrison  281-778-5441

Google Voice #:  281-849-4220